The resolution of XGA039 series products is 1024×768, with 0.39’’ display size , and 7.8μm pixel size. Basic full color, high-brightness full color and high-brightness single green are available, this series product is widely used in the night vision ,thermal imaging, HMD, digital sight ,EVF, FPV and other scenarios.


Product Features

  • Support 24bit-RGB, 8/16/24bit-YCbCr,
  • Low power consumption, brightening with PWM, consistent white balance
  • High contrast, Gamma built-in, adjustable curve
  • With image digital brightness, contrast adjustment function
  • Built-in temperature sensor, can read screen temperature in real time
  • Brightness adaptive adjustment, clear display at high and low temperature
  • Support image horizontal/vertical mirroring, support arbitrary adjustment of display position
  • Compatible with low-resolution images to display anywhere on the screen Specifications

Product characteristics

Product series GZ039PBC01 GZ039PBC06 GZ039PBG01 GZ039PBG03 GZ039PBC07
Features Low voltage color High performance color High brightness single green Ultra brightness single green Ultra brightness full color
Resolution 1024×768
Pixel size 7.8umx7.8um
Display size 0.39 (814mmx6.15mm)
Pixel arrangement RGB Hexagon
Brightness uniformity ≥90%
Contrast 10000:1
Grayscale Level 256
Refresh rate 25Hz – 75Hz
Video interface 24bit-RGB、8/16/24bit-YUV、ITU-R BT656
Maximum brightness 200nit 400nit 1000nit 8000nit 4000nit
Typical brightness 150nit 200nit 500nit 4000nit 4000nit
Typical power consumption 150mWw 120mW 90mW 130mW 270mW
Supply Voltage Analog +3.3V +5V +5V +5V +5V
Digital +1.8V +1.8V +1.8V +1.8V +1.8V
Operating Temperature -20℃~+65℃


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