Automotive and

Our projects in automotive electronics involve the application of electronics in vehicles to enhance their functionality, safety, and performance. Our work includes components for engine control units, sensors, navigation systems, entertainment systems, and more. As a variety of automotive electronics we also do work for the boat and marine electronics. That includes smart internetworking via NMEA protocol for measuring temperature, speed, navigation and entertainment control units.

Medical Imaging

Our projects on medical device electronics involve the use of electronic components in devices designed for medical purposes, such as diagnostics, monitoring, treatment, and rehabilitation. These devices play a crucial role in healthcare by providing accurate data, enabling better patient care, and improving medical procedures. We have designed multiple medical imaging devices including x-ray detectors and diagnostic imaging devices.

Outdoor and

Our hunting scopes are designed to enhance accuracy and improve the overall hunting experience. They come in various magnification levels, lens coatings, and reticle types to suit different hunting styles and environments. Additionally, many hunting scopes are equipped with features like waterproofing and shock resistance to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Our hunting scopes are additionally enhanced with field interconnect capabilities. Connected app allows the user to see all hunters in the area, their location and targets as well to save images, stream video and remote control their cameras.