The resolution of SVGA060 series products is 800×600, the display size is 0.6’’, and the pixel size is 15μm. It has various display types such as basic full color, high-brightness full color, and high-brightness single green. It is the company’s entry-level flagship in the high-end observation, sighting and other fields.


Product Features

  • Support 24bit-RGB, 8/16/24bit-YCbCr,BT.656
  • Ultra-low-power mode for extreme low-power designs
  • PWM dimming mode to keep white balance consistent
  • High contrast, Gamma built-in, adjustable curve
  • With image digital brightness, contrast adjustment function
  • Built-in temperature sensor, can read screen temperature in real time
  • Support image display position adjustment and timing movement function
  • Support image horizontal/vertical mirroring

Product characteristics

Product series OLP060SVC01 OLP060SVC02 OLP060SVG01 OLP060SVC03
Features Low power full color High brightness full color Ultra brightness single green Ultra brightness full color
Resolution 800×600
Pixel size 15цm×15цm
Display size 0.6″(12.0mm×9.0mm)
Pixel arrangement RGB bar
Brightness uniformity ≥ 90%
Contrast 10000:1
Grayscale Level 256
Refresh rate 25Hz~75Hz
Video interface 24bit-RGB、8/16/24bit-YUV、ITU-R
Maximum brightness 300nit 800nit 10000nit 4000nit
Typical brightness 100nit 800nit 5000nit 4000nit
Typical power consumption 40mW@25Hz 300mW 150mW 360mW
Supply voltage Analog +5V
Digital +1.8V
Operating temperature -45℃~+65℃


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