This product has the characteristics of high brightness, high color gamut, and high resolution. It is a new generation product tailored by GZOT for the AR/VR market. It can be widely used in AR/VR head-mounted products and other near-eye display devices. .


Product Features

  • High brightness, high contrast, high color gamut
  • Dual LVDS interface, compatible with VESA/JEIDA standard video format
  • Support I2C universal serial protocol, online configuration image movement, mirror display, brightness/contrast adjustment
  • Built-in temperature sensor, which can perform automatic temperature-brightness-Gamma calibration to maintain the consistency of full temperature display
  • Built-in PWM mode dimming function, which can ensure the color temperature and Gamma consistency under the full brightness range

Product characteristics

Item  Characteristic parameter
Type Green Color
 Resolution 3840×2160 1920×1080
Reserved  pixels 3880×2200 1940×1100
Subpixel size 6.9μm×6.9μm 13.8μm×13.8μm
Pixel arrangement RGB square       RGBW
Display area 26.77mm×15.18mm(diagonal 1.2”) 26.77mm×15.18mm(diagonal1.2”)
Structure size 31.6mm×25.8mm×4.3mm 31.6mm×25.8mm×4.3mm
Typical Refresh


60Hz 60Hz
Maximum brightness 16000 cd/m2 5000 cd/m2
Voltage 1.8V,3.3V,5V     1.8V,3.3V,5V


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